Digitize your assortments for online sales in no time

Foodla is the world's smartest platform for fast and quality-assured digitization of assortments for online sales. Through smart technology, artificial intelligence and automation, Foodla brings your items into e-commerce quickly, smoothly and cheaply.

Fast, easy and secure assortment digitization for e-commerce

Digitization of Products

Your Foodla account lets you turn your physical items into digital ones in no time. It gives you control over your assortment, so you're always exposing the latest updates online.

Quality Assured Information

In Foodlla, item information and product images are quality assured to meet industry standards.

The information is automatically scanned for flaws in real time and the system alerts you to suspicious errors. Once uploaded, the product is reviewed by our quality engineers for approval.

Quickly Visible Online

Through system integrations, simplifications and automation, we've cut costs, manual work and bottlenecks to get your products into the established grocery e-commerce channels quickly.

Some of our +600 customers

“It went so fast to upload products, so we just uploaded everything at once”
"This works great! It’s easy to upload products and clear feedback if something needs to be corrected 🙂"
Delidisk i Coop Butik
"So smooth and so good!"
Lejonet & Björnen
"Now we have happy staff and happy customers 🙂 Thanks a million!"
Delidisk i Coop Butik


In Foodla, you also have the opportunity to tell the story about yourselves with pictures, videos, and text. The material is frequently used for in-store displays, online profiles, articles, mailings, and communication with consumers.

Foodla Tech

Advanced tech = Simple for you

AI models

Information is read by Foodla's models in real time to detect errors, flaws and mistakes and help you digitize your product.

AI image processing

Images are automatically masked, edited and formatted according to all industry requirements when uploaded using the latest AI technology.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision automatically reads and classifies product information from uploaded images.


Foodla is a SaaS-platform that makes it ridiculously easy to collect and share digital information around products for e-commerce sales. We build a digital infrastructure facilitating efficient information flows within the grocery industry and its complex structure of actors. By doing so we help the grocery industry transform and meet the changing and ever increasing demands of markets and consumers.

We are a tightly knitted team of result oriented problem solvers working with high impact challenges at large that affects the lives of millions! We believe in challenging inefficient structures and “we’ve always done it this way”-mentality. We do so with an iterative mindset and leveraging new technology and data to build a platform that scales. 

Does that make you excited? Then we should talk, because that excites us too!



Serial-entrepreneur with several years of experience within the food retail and tech industry


+5 years seasoned expert within the grocery industry, its data flows, systems and digital channels


Senior fullstack dev with +11 years fullstack experience.


Stellar customer success expert and business developer


Serial-entrepreneur and researcher with 9 years at Stanford & MIT, currently in Boston pursuing a PhD within Artificial Intelligence


Ex Boston Consulting Group. Advised some of the largest Nordic retailers, focusing on intersection of digital and consumer goods.


Senior fullstack developer